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Welcome Back, Mr. LawDog

Just a friendly reminder to The Old Hat Nation that Our Good Man LawDog had regained access to his website. In addition, he does a biweekly what-have-you Livestream on the YouTubes with Our Other Good Man, OldNFO, on Old NFO’s ‘Toob channel. Y’all might pop in at noon, Central Time today and give the manContinue reading “Welcome Back, Mr. LawDog”

Anthology Roundup

Posting the following as a courtesy for my friend Chris, who is the organizer of the “Primal Voices” dinosaur/human anthology and my friend LawDog, to help out with their respective blog situations. LawDog’s blog is still currently down, courtesy of some foreign jerkoff who has an affinity for sheep, a crotchless velcro bodysuit hidden inContinue reading “Anthology Roundup”

RE: LawDog And The Pipeline Debacle: “The Plot Thickens!” Edition

A little over a week and a half ago, I wrote a post detailing my buddy LawDog’s thoughts on what might have caused the Nordstream pipeline explosions, and how some metric goat diddler keeps nerfing his website on purpose. Well, on Tuesday, while I was busy celebrating my birthday with homemade fried chicken, Vice GripContinue reading “RE: LawDog And The Pipeline Debacle: “The Plot Thickens!” Edition”

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