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They Came From The Woodwork

The Baen’s Bar situation is an interesting one. For those not in the know, Baen is a sci-fi/fantasy publisher, one of the few, if not only, major publishing houses that are still independent and not locked up under a corporate conglomerate. Currently ranking eighth among fiction publishers, total, Baen publishes authors across the political spectrum,Continue reading “They Came From The Woodwork”

A Modern Good Samaritan Story

(AKA: Why anybody who says the Blackfoot Nation is nothing but troublemakers is full of shit) Ever since I first moved to Montana, any time I hear a mention of the Blackfoot Nation, or that someone is driving to Glacier National Park, somebody always says the same thing: “Don’t stop in Browning! You’ll either getContinue reading “A Modern Good Samaritan Story”

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