November Update

Hi, all, hope everyone’s doing well. (Lord, I really need to give this site some more attention). Here’s more or less the State of the Nation today:

-On the book front: Got picked up for another anthology (link in the Books section). “Divided We Fall: One Possible Future” was a fun (and somewhat prophetic) little thought exercise started by a buddy writing under the pseudonym of Mack Henkel. Decided it was something I could have a little fun with, so I cranked out a story, and here we are. Print and ebook versions are available via Amazon.

In addition, I submitted for yet another anthology (and trying to finish a story for a fourth). The first is being edited by a team of students at Western Colorado University supervised by Kevin J. Anderson (!!!); the second is an anthology for FantaSci and Chris Kennedy Publishing. Fingers crossed on both of those.

-On the photography front: Looks dismal for this year. For a good chunk of this year, I’ve either been sent away from home for work purposes, or put under a restriction of movement (read: basically stuck at my house, except for medical appointments and to grab essentials) because I traveled out of state. As such, my ability to get out has been limited. Hoping that changes sometime soon.

Hope you all are doing well. I’ll update when I have more news to share.

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