“Unmasked: Tales of Risk & Revelation” Now Released!

A new anthology I participated in, “Unmasked: Tales of Risk and Revelation” is now for sale on Amazon! The anthology, which actually came out a month ago (apologies; it’s been a busy month), was put out by none other than Kevin J. Anderson (yes, that Kevin J. Anderson) and the grad students of the Master’s-levelContinue reading ““Unmasked: Tales of Risk & Revelation” Now Released!”

Book Bomb! “Time Slip”, by Terra Vagus

…..No, this isn’t a post on explosive literature. At least, not literally explosive. I’m taking a page out of Larry Correia’s playbook, and helping promote budding authors by pimping their books with what he calls a “book bomb”. Basically the way this traditionally works is, I promote a book, and for the next twenty-four hours,Continue reading “Book Bomb! “Time Slip”, by Terra Vagus”

The Shrillness of the Lambs: A Baen’s Bar Update

Some of you have been following the coverage of the Baen’s Bar situation (If you haven’t, click that link for a summary). In the two days since my last update, more details have emerged. A while back, Toni Weisskopf, Baen’s head editor, had been invited as Guest of Honor to DisCon III in Washington, D.C.,Continue reading “The Shrillness of the Lambs: A Baen’s Bar Update”

They Came From The Woodwork

The Baen’s Bar situation is an interesting one. For those not in the know, Baen is a sci-fi/fantasy publisher, one of the few, if not only, major publishing houses that are still independent and not locked up under a corporate conglomerate. Currently ranking eighth among fiction publishers, total, Baen publishes authors across the political spectrum,Continue reading “They Came From The Woodwork”

A Modern Good Samaritan Story

(AKA: Why anybody who says the Blackfoot Nation is nothing but troublemakers is full of shit) Ever since I first moved to Montana, any time I hear a mention of the Blackfoot Nation, or that someone is driving to Glacier National Park, somebody always says the same thing: “Don’t stop in Browning! You’ll either getContinue reading “A Modern Good Samaritan Story”

“Space Force: Building The Legacy” Audiobook is now available!

“Space Force: Building The Legacy”, the anthology I took part in last spring (and winner of the 2021 Helicon Award for Best Military Sci-Fi/Fantasy!) is now available as an audiobook via Audible! Narrated by Theo Holland (who did a really good job; the narration of P.A. Piatt’s “Best and Brightest” alone is worth the purchase!).Continue reading ““Space Force: Building The Legacy” Audiobook is now available!”

Green Grass and High Tides for December

Proud to say that I’ve been accepted for Wordfire Press’ Unmasked anthology, edited by none other than Kevin J. Anderson and his fine class of students at Western Colorado University. This makes me happy for two reasons: One, this makes me three for three for anthology submissions this year. And, while my health issues andContinue reading “Green Grass and High Tides for December”