RE: LawDog and the Pipeline Debacle: “F%$k Your Bots!” Edition

I’m sure by now that virtually everybody heard about the Nordstream pipeline explosions in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Everybody’s been throwing out their ideas of what happened, and more commonly, whodunnit. “Russia!” “Ukraine!” “The USA!” “Your fat sister!” Etc, etc.

Enter my buddy LawDog.

LawDog is a character, and I mean that as a compliment in the greatest way possible. An American, born in Malta (his parents were American), raised in oilfields ranging from Nevada to Nigeria and the Middle East, former Army soldier, retired Texas lawman, best-selling author, and bon vivant extraordinaire. He’s really good people. Not only has he helped encourage myself and others to publish (and even got me into his latest Malta Anthology–if you haven’t bought it yet, you ought to!), when I needed somebody to round me up from the hospital after a particularly nasty allergic reaction I had to a bug bite in the middle of the night (I was so looped out on anti-histamines that I had to be wheeled out in a wheelchair, and thus could not drive myself), he answered the midnight call and drove all the way into Itchypaw from Bugscuffle Park to help me out.

LawDog is Good People.

LawDog has a blog (linked above) that he has ran for years, mostly to share stories of his law enforcement days, along with his time overseas, and occasionally his thoughts of the day. After the pipeline explosions, he, being the son of an oilfield engineer and having spent his childhood years roaming oilfields around the globe with aforementioned oilfield engineer and father, offered his two bits. Short version of his theory: Likely not sabotage, but an accidental blowout of the pipe due to methane hydrate buildup (he explains it better than I do, so if you have questions, go check out his posts)

And the Internet collectively lost their shit.

Daily Kos, Instapundit. Numerous blogs across the Web. And foreign media, all linked to it. It’s a very well-reasoned argument. Several agree that the explanation is a credible possibility. Others don’t. And some metric tube steak swallower, presumably of Russian variety, has taken to intentionally nerfing the ‘Dog’s website (see explanations at the 7:45 mark and again at the 9:55 mark.).

How are they doing this, you might ask? By setting up a bot to continuously keep downloading stuff from the site and cause him to go over his bandwidth limit:

Pseudonyms used to protect privacy
Pseudonyms used to protect privacy

As a result, absent LawDog winning the lottery and being able to buy all the bandwidth in the world, or his own servers, his site is more or less down until the 1st of November.

On the bright side, through a little trial and error, turns out it is possible to still get into LawDog’s blog, up to the latest blog post, via the Wayback Machine. It ain’t perfect, but it works (mostly).

I dunno about y’all, but I hate bullies. Particularly bullies that go after friends. And the ‘Dog is definitely a friend. So, just to piss off the fuckers responsible for nerfing his site, I highly encourage the spreading Internet Archive link of his Nordstream articles on the matter. Links are helpfully archived below, for convenience.

Because -fuck- those guys.


-Nordstream II: Electric Instapundit:

Can’t stop the signal, baby!

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