Book Bomb! “Time Slip”, by Terra Vagus

…..No, this isn’t a post on explosive literature.

At least, not literally explosive.

I’m taking a page out of Larry Correia’s playbook, and helping promote budding authors by pimping their books with what he calls a “book bomb”. Basically the way this traditionally works is, I promote a book, and for the next twenty-four hours, we monitor the sales for 24 hours, and try to push up its ranking on Amazon as high as possible.

Of course, this is easier when you have over 9,000 active followers, like Larry. I sadly do not. But hey, we’ll give glory a good go anyway.

“Time Slip” is the breakout book of a high school friend of mine, writing under the pen name of Terra Vagus. 96 pages long, with photography by Aaron Olvera (another high school friend), it’s a collection of poems that, together, tell a story, based on Terra’s actual life experiences. Some of the subjects covered gets into pretty heavy territory: Family trauma, relationships, death, drug abuse, and so on, but the book has an underlying theme of hope and redemption, rising above those things and working towards a better future. I don’t know about y’all, but optimism and hope are two things I believe the world needs a lot more of, so this collection is coming out at a good time.

The book is not available on Amazon, but it is available via Barnes & Noble’s website (linked above). Currently, at the time of this posting, the sales ranking is at 562,685. Spread it around, buy the book if you can, and let’s see how high we can move thing thing up the charts!

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